Color Coding To Avoid Cross Contamination of Cleaning Products

Stop cross contamination in cleaning products

A colour coding system with colour coded janitorial equipment will help prevent cross-contamination during the cleaning process. To reduce the spread of germs and increase hygiene throughout your workplace your cleaning storage cupboard should store colour coded cleaning products, such as cloths, mops, buckets, dustpans and gloves.

Widely adopted throughout the professional cleaning industry colour-coding is a necessity. Especially when conforming to the requirements of the Environmental Health Officer, who investigate matters about hygiene and safety issues, ensuring people’s workplaces are safe, healthy and hygienic.

The colours used for cleaning are Blue, for reception areas and offices. Red for washrooms, toilets and urinals. For catering surroundings and food processing areas, Green is the desired colour. For Clinical areas use Yellow. Businesses can vary their colour-coding, therefore, it is important to train staff on the method that you employ.

While not a legal requirement, within the professional cleaning industry, colour coding is considered good practice, especially given the importance of infection control and the management of hygiene standards.

To discover more read our guide to colour coding or why not undertake free training with the Mono Trading on Colour Coding and Infection Control?

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