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Guide on How to find paper hand towel type which fit in to your paper towel dispenser.

Find correct paper towel and dispenser

Comprehensive guide to choose the right paper towel.

  • Inter leaf
  • Inter leaved
  • Multi fold
  • Compact
  • Super trim

Folded paper towels come in 3 basic types.

  • Slim or slim line
  • Ultra slim
  • Compact

How do you identify each type of folded paper towel? They all have the same length once unfolded. The important dimension here is the width of the towel in folded flat position to identify the style of the paper towel as below

  1. Slim or slim line – 23.5 cm x 8 cm
  2. Ultra slim – 23.5 cm x 6 cm
  3. Compact – 20 cm x 5 cm

This guide will help you to identify which paper towel you need if you are ran out of paper towel and nothing to measure. Just measure the internal width and length of the paper towel dispenser and match with above dimensions to identify exact paper towel type you need.

If you are unsure which paper towel type or paper towel dispenser to use pleas contact us for help.

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